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The Open Wilding Project is a student-run CIC project that rewilds areas of the UK for environmental protection and scientific study.

The project is the first of its kind in the UK. It is governed and owned by students within the environmental sciences who have an interest and passion in the environment and conservation.

What is The Open Wilding Project?



Rewilding is giving the land back to nature and encouraging biodiversity.

This includes free movement of wildlife, water areas, flora etc with minimal intervention from us.  We encourage natural succession and predation as well as integrating species where needed. We're there to protect and learn from it, and try to create areas that are secure in terms of biodiversity.

Scientific Research

Our goal is to develop an area that provides insights and research opportunities. Following the applications required of an SSSI. Scientific fields can include conservation biology, botany, geology and environmental management among many others.

Learning Space

Our Open Wilding spaces will provide an accessible space for research for any student studying within the environmental sciences.

It can be difficult for students to find opportunities and field experience. The spaces provide an abundance of this, offering botany areas, watching spaces and trail cams, and natural resources. 


The Open Wilding Project looks to provide a dedicated space for communities to visit, and immerse themselves in nature. The spaces will work with the local communities, offering sensory and learning areas, guiding visitors around the area. With development and funding, we could offer forestry and environmental science activities and learning opportunities for local schools.

What land will you purchase for rewilding?

The land purchased is under the management of the Voting Members, its Committees and Director.
Because of this, the members will all vote on the land that will be purchased, but it is not limited to any one area in the UK.

The purpose of The Open Wilding Project is to rewild, benefit the environment and provide a space for scientific study. This means that the land purchased has to be suitable for its purpose.

Currently, The Climate Corner CIC is raising purchasing funds before selecting an area of land.

We aim to protect all wildlife in the UK, and rewilding creates a haven for wildlife to return, thrive and develop in biodiversity.

Where appropriate, we will work with wildlife charities to release indigenous species into the Open WIlding spaces where it would be to the benefit of the environment, always taking the utmost care to not disturb or be a detriment to the environment.

It is important that the wildlife are left to their own devices, this includes predation and succession, with little, to no intervention.

What wildlife will you support?

Want to find out more?

This sounds amazing, how can I get involved?

Students in the environmental sciences

If you are a student of the environmental sciences (biology, management, wildlife conservation, geology etc), or have graduated within the last 5 years you can become a Voting Member of The Climate Corner CIC, meaning you'll have access to the rewilding sites for scientific study, govern the company alongside other students and its committees and help the environment and wildlife.

Voting Membership is charged either 12 monthly payments of £8.99, or full payment of £100. The membership fees will go towards purchasing and rewilding land To sign up, fill out the form here: 






The Open Wilding Project is open for collaboration, sponsorship, funding and welcomes all donations from companies, schools, councils and the public.

All members of the public will have access to the land free of charge to experience and appreciate wildlife in a rewilded habitat.

You can donate here to help us reach our starting goal of £50,000.

Public, Schools, Companies & Councils

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