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Woodcraft Folk

Woodcraft Folk is a co-operative youth movement open to children from birth to

adulthood that has been educating for social change through informal education, social

action projects and residential experiences since 1925.

They are a UK charity that supports children to take the lead and change their world

through weekly group nights, social action projects, campaigns and residential experiences.

Their educational activities are grounded in values of co-operation, peace, equality, internationalism, children’s rights and sustainable development.

Our mantra is simple but comprehensive; ‘We are Woodcraft Folk and we change the world, we are youth led, we welcome everyone, we are co-operative, and we understand and respect our one world.’ - Woodcraft Folk.

Woodcraft Folk’s young members have been adding their voices to the Fridays for a Future campaign, lobbying local decision makers and striving to decarbonise Woodcraft Folk activities. Woodcraft Folk’s team are working on some exciting environmental projects, including:

  • Green Influencers Scheme which supports 10-14 years to design and deliver green social action projects in Leeds and Bradford. All social action projects are youth led and can include everything from recycling projects, habitat restoration, planting trees to lobbying politicians to address the climate crisis.

  • Kids Field project which engages engineers in sharing engineering solutions to the climate emergency. This is a great project bringing together the knowledge and experience of engineers, educational and engagement skills of youth workers and the passions of young people.

  • All Change project which will see young people trained as educators, teaching youth workers and teachers about climate science.

  • #DreamBigAtHome a remote and virtual programme offer, launched in response to COVID-19, but successfully sees children and young people engage in self led challenges at home, LIVE programme and much more. See for more details

Now collaborating with the Open Wilding Project, our environment protection and training programme, Woodcraft Folk are strengthening the opportunities and training of our community, offering a broad range of experiences to our members including;

  • Woodcraft Folk residential centres provide opportunities for land management and conservation skill training. Located across the UK, each centre is different and is currently in the midst of various decarbonisation initiatives.

  • Woodcraft Folk groups provide a great opportunity to share learning with children and young people

Like the Open Wilding Project, Woodcraft Folk is all about the environment, community and education. Woodcraft Folk’s approach is based on co-operation and co-creation: They would love to hear your ideas and suggestions.

For more information please visit or contact

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